Patient Testimonials

Unbelievable customer care! He came back to work late at night to insure my son’s teeth would not have permanent damage. This is the one of many great things ha and hie ENTIRE staff have done to make use feel so well taken care of.


Dr. Constantin and his wonderful staff:
I never thought going to the dentist could be a treat, but you and your staff make it one. Every detail of the experience is professional, friendly, and just right…it is clear you have invested effort in everything, so that to each patient your delivery of great care can seem effortless. Can a patient say he is proud of his doctor?


Dr. Constantin and his wonderful staff:
What a top notch dental office! My mouth is happy! My gums are happy! and… I am happy! A huge thank you to all of you who had to work inside my mouth.


Dr. Constantin:
Thanks for the generosity and the quality job.


Dear Dr. Constantin:
Thank you so very much for going the extra mile for me by taking extra time to fill my tooth when you had a full waiting room and also for working with me financially! With much appreciation.


Dr. Constantin:
I want to thank you for not only the excellent professional care you have rendered to my teeth, but especially for your kindness and generosity. You really care about the whole person, not just their teeth!


Dr. Constantin:
I cannot thank you enough for the great, wonderful care you have given me!