Getting Treated With Dental Implants In Minneapolis, MN? Here Is What The Procedure Looks Like!

two separate dental implant crowns with posts.

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When people have one or more missing teeth, then they will want to get treated with gold standard tooth implants in Minneapolis, MN. But what does a dental implant procedure look like? The process of creating and placing dental implants is customized to each patient’s specific needs and wants.

Continue reading to learn more about what a dental implant procedure looks like. By getting treated with dental implants, the look and function of a patients smile will be restored for years to come.


What Happens During A Dental Implant Procedure?

When people go to a skilled doctor to get treated with tooth implants in Minneapolis, MN, then they can expect individualized care from the beginning. First, the patient will have a consultation with the doctor. During this consultation, the doctor will look at the patient’s dental history and learn their new smile needs and goals. The doctor will also take digital scans of the patient’s oral structures in order to plan and create their customized dental implants.

Next, before the dental implant placement process begins, the patient will be administered sedation dentistry so that they have an anxiety-free and comfortable procedure experience. If additional procedures, like tooth extractions and bone grafting, are needed, then they will also be performed before the dental implants are placed.

During the actual tooth implant surgery, advanced technology will be used to fully guide the doctor in accurately and predictably placing each dental implant in predetermined spots in the patient’s jawbone. After surgery, the patient will receive a temporary prosthesis, allowing them to eat and smile immediately. Once their mouth finally heals (usually within three to six months), patients will return to the office for their final prosthesis.


How Do Precisely Placed Dental Implants Restore My Smile?

The versatility of dental implants is truly unmatched. Even when people have multiple missing teeth or even a full arch of missing teeth, there are dental implant options that can restore their smile. Single dental implants can replace one tooth in one or more places throughout a patient’s mouth. Full mouth dental implants use four or more dental implants to stabilize a full arch prosthesis.

Regardless of which dental implant option patients get treated with, dental implants are able to improve a patient’s quality of life. When dental implants are precisely placed, patients can expect:

  • Restored oral strength and function
  • Natural looking and feeling teeth
  • Dramatic boost in confidence
  • Improved physical and oral health
  • Significantly better quality of life

See Us Now So We Can Expertly Perform Your Dental Implant Procedure

Are you ready to get the state-of-the-art dental implant procedure you need and deserve at our compassionate and knowledgeable office? We can give you the long-lasting new smile of your dreams. Don’t wait to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Catalin Constantin, Dr. Michael Determan, Dr. Magaly Ferreira, and our exceptional team at our Parkway Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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