Should I Upgrade My Smile From Traditional Dentures To Denture Implants In Minneapolis, MN?

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While traditional dentures can give people an efficient new smile, because they are not properly stabilized in the patient’s mouth, they are not a restorative tooth replacement option. When people no longer want to wear unstable traditional dentures, they should upgrade their smile with denture implants in Minneapolis, MN.


Ready to learn more about why people should upgrade their smiles from traditional dentures to dental implants? Continue reading to find out more.


Why Should I Upgrade My Smile From Traditional Dentures To Denture Implants In Minneapolis, MN?


Initially, traditional dentures may seem like the most cost-effective method to replacing missing teeth. However, over time, they can become ill-fitting – resulting in people having an unstable and inconvenient new smile with them. Because traditional dentures are unstable, they can make it hard for people to smile, speak, and eat properly.


Messy dental adhesives are also necessary to secure the dentures in the patient’s mouth. Because people with missing teeth no longer have tooth roots stimulating their smile, and the traditional denture only sit on their gums, traditional dentures do not prevent jawbone density loss. When people lose jawbone density, their jawbone will resorb over time, giving them an aged appearance.


When people no longer want to deal with the instability and inconvenience of traditional dentures, then they should upgrade their smile with denture implants. The following are the specific reasons why traditional denture wearers should upgrade their smile to denture implants.


With denture implants, patients will have a new smile that’s:

  • Made with acrylic or porcelain material
  • Supported by two or more dental implants
  • Will not slip, loosen, or fall out of the patient’s mouth
  • Have more stable biting and chewing capabilities
  • The denture can be removed for easing cleaning
  • The dental implants improve jawbone health


While denture implants may need to be relined or repaired over time, and they may not look or feel natural, they give patient’s a more stable and functional new smile that they can depend on.


See Us Now So We Can Upgrade Your Smile With Denture Implants

By coming to caring, knowledgeable, and advanced office, we can restoratively improve your smile with denture implants. We can custom design and place your denture implants so that you get the exact results you want from your new smile. With denture implants, the beauty, functionality, and health of your smile will be restored.


Why wait to improve the look, function, and health of your smile with us? Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Catalin Constantin, and our exceptional team at our dental office to schedule an appointment today!

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