Want To Know If You Can Have Personalized Full Mouth Reconstructions In Minneapolis, MN?

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For those who have widespread dental problems, the health and function of their smile can be restored with full mouth reconstructions in Minneapolis, MN. So that patient’s get the predictable results they need and deserve from their new smile, they can get treated with a personalized full mouth reconstruction.

How exactly, however, will people know if they can have a personalized full mouth reconstruction? Continue reading to learn how exactly people will know if they can have a personalized full mouth reconstruction.

How I Can Have A Personalized Full Mouth Reconstruction In Minneapolis, MN?

In order for people to figure out if they can have a personalized full mouth reconstruction, the doctor will plan the procedure process. The following goes into detail how people’s personalized full mouth reconstruction procedure process will be planned.

How The Planning Process Gives Patients Personalized Full Mouth Reconstructions

The planning process for the patients personalized full mouth reconstructions begins with a thorough evaluation of their facial features and symmetry. This evaluation of the patient’s facial features and symmetry will ensure that the restorations will naturally compliment their unique facial attributes.

By examining the relationship between the patient’s teeth, lips, and gums, the doctor will be able to give the patient their desired new smile results. The doctor will carefully assess the patient’s gumline and the way their lips frame their smile, making nuanced adjustments to create harmony and proportionality throughout their smile.

The patient’s personal smile goals are also taken into great considered when the doctor is planning their personalized full mouth reconstruction procedure, including their preferences on the shape, color, and size of their new teeth. Using these insights, a precise and tailored full mouth reconstruction plan is crafted that aligns with the patient’s vision for their new smile.

How Dental Problems Are Taken Care Of First, Before Personalized Full Mouth Reconstructions Are Performed

Before they can get treated with personalized full mouth reconstruction procedures, it is crucial for patients to achieve optimal oral health. The presence of gum disease and tooth infections can significantly impede the success of a patient’s full mouth reconstruction procedure. Therefore, gum disease and tooth infection issues must be addressed and resolved beforehand.

The doctor will come up with a treatment plan to eradicate gum disease and clear up tooth infections, giving the patient a healthy foundation for their full mouth reconstruction procedures to be placed on. Once the patient’s oral health is restored, patients can get successfully treated with restorative and long-lasting full mouth reconstruction procedures.

So That patients have a comfortable and anxiety-free personalized full mouth reconstruction procedure experience, they can be administered with sedation dentistry.

Which Personalized Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures Can I Get Treated With?

When it comes to personalized full mouth reconstructions, patients have access to a variety of procedures that are tailored to meet their individual needs. This includes orthodontic procedures that correct the patient’s tooth misalignments and improve their bite, giving them teeth that are in the optimal position for aesthetic and functional results.

Tooth replacement procedures, like dental implants, dental bridges, or traditional dentures, are used in personalized full mouth reconstructions to replace missing teeth and restore the functionality of the patient’s mouth. Complete cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, tooth crowns, or teeth whitening, enhances the overall appearance of the patient’s smile during their personalized full mouth reconstruction procedure.

See Us Now So We Can Give You The New Smile Of Your Dreams With A Personalized Full Mouth Reconstruction

At our caring and dedicated practice, we can give you a customized full mouth reconstruction procedure so that the look, function, and health of your smile will be restored. We will use the latest techniques and technologies to make sure that your personalized new smile results are reliable. No matter what type of full mouth reconstruction procedure you need, we can help you with our orthodontic, tooth replacement options, and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Why wait to improve your smile at our skilled and trusted practice? Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Catalin Constantin, and our exceptional team at our dental practice to schedule an appointment today!

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